Friday, May 27, 2011

The Christian Housewife... and that slinky lacy thing.

Body image issues. We all have them. We as women are constantly compaing ourselves to other women, or to those "idealistic" beauties we see on television and in magazines. I'm not immune to this curse. There are days (OK, MONTHS!) where I don't feel particularly good about myself.

If you don't know me (and pretty much everyone who reads this blog does know me. Both of you know who you are!) I'm skinny, but not in a good way. I'm basically a stick figure without curves. Finding a decent bra can be exteremly difficult when you have nothing to put in it!

This has the rather nasty side effect of messing with my relationship with my husband. I'm constantly downing myself and how I look. Somehow, his re-assurances that he thinks I'm beautiful are not enough.

There is one thing that seems to help, though. Lingerie. I don't know why, but something about wearing some sexy little thing gives me a real confidence boost. The hard part of course, is finding something that actually fits. But once I do, I keep it for a good long time.

My husband has apparently figured this out, because every year right before our anniversary, he lets me pick out something new. He doesn't usually come along for the trip, either. He likes to be surprised. I've collected quite a few decent pieces over the past couple of years, and for whatever reason, it just makes me feel beautiful. And when I feel attractive, I get attracted to my husband. That's the kind of side effect he's happy to live with. ;)

What about you? We all struggle with body image issues from time to time. Besides remembering that you're a daughter of the Most High King, is there anything you do to make yourself feel beautiful?

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